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Sprinkled across the landscape of Northern Arizona are a number of deep, narrow canyons carved over millions of years into the desert floor. Flash floods running through these “slot” canyons have made them to be as little as just a few feet wide, yet hundreds of feet deep. Layers of sandstone have been sculpted into labyrinths, filled with glowing color and forming twisting natural cathedrals. Reflected sunlight causes the walls of these canyons to glow with intense shades of red, pink, orange and yellow. These otherworldly scenes are occasionally complimented by narrow beams of light slicing through the darkness. Truly magical places and  unforgettable locations for that special day.

We offer many alternatives to the ever popular Antelope Canyon such as Secret Canyon and  Canyon X. These canyons are much less visited than either Upper or Lower Antelope and therefore offer the opportunity to enjoy your special day in peace and solitude.  Each one below offering a wonderful and unique place to have your wedding ceremony .

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Rattlesnake canyon wedding 2

Rattlesnake Canyon Weddings

Rattlesnake Canyon has a feel very much like Lower Antelope Canyon. Although shorter and not as deep it is still a very spectacular location with many of the twists, turns and arches that make Antelope so picturesque.

As one of the more recent canyons to have been opened to the public it is still relatively unknown and therefore is much less popular with tourists. In fact you probably would not see any other people during your time in the canyon.

This canyon is narrower and much less visited than others and therefore especially suited to intimate ceremonies with Bride, Groom, Minister and Photographer.

Owl Canyon 2 432

Owl Canyon Weddings

Owl Canyon is another of the less frequently visited slot canyons in the Page area. It is also along with Upper Antelope Canyon one of the easiest to visit with level terrain and easy access. Owl canyon, like all of the slots in the area features impressive color and wavelike formations that change with the passing of the sun overhead.
This canyon is also one of the wider slot canyons we feature and as such is an ideal location for larger groups of friends and family you may wish to join you on your special day. Another plus for this canyon if you do have a number of guests are that you will not have the inconvenience of tourists that Antelope Canyon has, in fact you may be the only group there at the time. 

Mountain sheep canyon wedding

Mountain Sheep Canyon Weddings

Mountain Sheep Canyon is the longest slot canyon we offer, at one and a half miles long it offers limitless opportunities to find that perfect spot for your ceremony. Striking color and texture combine to form the unique grandeur that is Mountain Sheep Canyon. This canyon is also one of the less frequented and so suits those couples that want peace, quiet and solitude on their special day.  Just imagine the sound of native flute music echoing around the canyon as you are bathed in the rainbow of colors reflected from the sculptured sandstone walls. Truly magical.

This canyon was also featured in the world famous photographer Peter Liks documentry, ‘From the Edge-Hidden Canyons.’

waterholes canyon wedding

Waterholes Canyon Weddings

Waterholes Canyon is very similar to Upper Antelope but much less visited. Interesting rock formations and stunning colors make this an ideal wedding location for couples who want to get away from the crowds on their special day.

 Other fantastic geological formations near Waterholes Canyon that would make stunning wedding photographs are  ‘The Great Wall’, sculptured fins and contours similar to the ‘Wave’ and ‘Horseshoe Bend’, a location over looking a vast bend in the Colorado River some 1,100ft below.

waterholes canyon wedding 2
Slot canyon wedding waterholes

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