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Monumental Arizona Weddings Photography is the culmination of years of experience and a passion for wedding photography in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. Our photographers are very familiar with the challenges associated with extreme destination weddings including limited resources and the ever changing weather. Debra Joaquim brings together teams of professionals including photographers, videographers and drone pilots to capture your most memorable moments. While we of course provide opportunities for posed pictures, it is in capturing those candid, unexpected moments that we find the most joy. We combine portrait photography with photojournalism to capture not only the moment but to tell the story.

Our packages start at just $1000 and we have options from just a few hours of photography to  hiking, horseback riding or floating along the Colorado River on the wedding adventure of a lifetime. All of our packages include a disk or drive with all your images, making copies and distribution much easier for you

Affordability is important to all wedding budgeting and as such we offer a wide variety of packages to best fit your personal budget. Our fees are location specific based on accessibility, available lodging and our time commitment. We look forward to capturing your wedding day memories.

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